The Cruiser Tour
To start our 3 hour tour, Kadie or I will will pick you up ship-side and we'll show you an overview of town which includes cannery row, Bear Town Market & gift shops, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and Museums & Visitor Centers

Pillar Mountain
Going atop scenic Pillar Mountain is one of the highlights of our tour. After a drive to the top and a short walk you'll get a full panoramic view of downtown Kodiak, outlying islands, and much more. This is a prime photo opportunity, so make sure to bring your camera! Weather in Kodiak is ever changing and sometimes has a way of altering our plans or views. We recommend that you bring a light rain jacket and be prepared to go with the flow.

Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park
We'll also visit the Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park, I consider this the "gem" of our Kodiak road tour. Here we will drive through a lush, moss covered Spruce forest rich in WWII history. In late spring and early summer the wildflowers abound while during late summer and fall Salmonberries and blueberries fill the hillsides and trails. You'll have the option to browse the Military History Museum, which is housed in a WWII Munitions bunker, or walk along one of the many fabulous trails or coastline. Sidebar: Sometimes you can get lucky enough to spot a Puffin flying near by.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities
Next we'll head out of town to see more of the road system where the possibility of seeing wildlife is increased. On our way out of town we'll pass by the Coast Guard's largest base, which used to serve as a Naval Air Station during WWII. We have learned to live closely with the wildlife here; safety and respect for the animals is always number one. Unfortunately we can't guarantee you'll see wildlife, but the following are commonly spotted on the Kodiak road system:

Sitka Black Tailed Deer
Kodiak Brown Bear

Care and Convenience

At the end of our tour we will drop you off at the location of your choice; back at the ship, downtown shopping, or at the visitor center.

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Over the years I've developed quite a good reputation on Cruise Critic for my tours of Kodiak. I try to always run a safe, clean and reliable tour but couldn't do it without you. Thank you cruisers for all your kind words!

See you soon!

The Memory Maker Team
But first I want you to meet Kadie, my long time girlfriend and business partner. She'll be joining MemoryMakers in 2012 so that we can show more of you this beautiful place we love to call home. With Kadie also comes a new van; we now have two luxurious, ultra-comfortable conversion vans that will glide you around the island in style.